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Barretræning – modul 1: knæ-ankler-fødder (VERTIKALE bevægelser)

Barretræning – modul 2: hofte-ryg-skulder (HORISONTALE bevægelser)

Barretræning – modul 3: SPRING & STRÆK (styrke- og smidighedstræning)


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Elastiktræning: arme/skuldre (fritstående)


This show case contains 6 video exercises forming a 5 minute basic body warm up focused on rowing skills, body dynamics and paces – set by the supporting music.

Each warm-up video exercise combines:

  • Type of stroke/slide (half/full)
  • Control of pace (slow/fast)
  • Control of body dynamics (breathing and muscular toning)

The combination of STROKE x PACE x DYNAMICS in a series of variations has many benefits:

  • trains the brain
  • trains various rowing skills
  • trains various paces, where especially the slow paces play a vital part in healthy body dynamics such as:
  • avoiding unnescessary muscular tension
  • controlling breathing

The body dynamics are also supported by the music meter: 2-meter, 3-meter or 4-meter – covering the counts for each (single or double) stroke/slide.

About ballet barre music for different purposes

Music for ballet barre is perfect for your fitness programme, whether it is ballet, yoga, pilates, weight training og machine fitness like here in a rowing machine.

The music has 4 objectives:

1) The music supports the way in which to perform the various excercises (slow/fast, staccato/legato = body dynamics).

2) The music sets the pace and helps you to keep it constant throughout the excercise.

3) The music sets the duration of each excercise without you having to count reps or check the time – you can simply concentrate on correct body dynamics.

4) The music motivates you to actually get your fitness programme done – it does not seem so hard when the music supports you – it’s easier and more fun!

About the 10 Ballet Body Principles (ensure healthy, sustainable body mechanics)

Read about the principles here (in Danish)

Baloga Grundtræning
Balletforening Danmark
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